Monika MerkesI own shares, both in my name and in that of my self-managed superannuation fund. I feel strongly that non-human animals deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation.

As a shareholder, I often wonder whether and in what ways companies make use of animals. Are animals treated in an ethical way? Are there alternatives to using animals for the benefit of humans? Are companies that use animals making an effort to develop or use alternatives? Mostly, answers to these questions can’t be found in annual reports and other company statements.

I want to find out and share what I discover on this blog. However, I am not a financial adviser and will not make investment recommendations. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and therefore focus on companies listed on the ASX. There will be blog posts on related topics, too.

Feedback, comments and questions are very welcome.

Bio – Monika Merkes

Dipl Päd, BSW, MHSc, Dip Clin Hyp, PhD (Public Health)

I have spent my professional life in state and local governments, the community sector and academia as a social researcher, a consultant, a project manager, developing social and health policy and involved in community development. With a background in public health, I am interested in the links between the health and wellbeing of humans, other animals and the environment.

Relevant affiliations: Honorary Associate of the Australian Institute for Primary Care & Ageing at La Trobe University. President of Humane Research Australia. Category C member of the Victorian Schools Animal Ethics Committee. The views expressed on this blog are my own.

My opinion pieces have been published on the Conversation, the ABC Drum, Croakey blog, On Line Opinion and elsewhere online.

Twitter:   @ozsheba   and   @monikamerkes

Contact me:


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