Greyhound racing – No future for cruel, unproductive and socially harmful industry

Source: Flickr/ Toms Baugis

Source: Flickr/ Toms Baugis

Live export – Can you think of a more unethical, foul, government sanctioned industry in Australia? That’s how I started the last blog post. Since then, Australians have cast their votes, those votes are still being counted, and we are waiting to hear who will form our next government.

Nothing has changed in the live export industry. With the LNP expected to win the election, I expect animal live exporters to continue their cruel trade.

But a similarly cruel industry has seen progress for the animals: Two days ago, NSW Premier Mike Baird announced a ban on greyhound racing after a Special Commission tabled a damning report.

The report found that between 48,000 and 68,000 greyhounds – or almost half of all greyhounds bred to race – were killed in the past 12 years because they were deemed uncompetitive.

The ACT Government has since announced that it will follow the lead of NSW.

Australia is one of a handful of countries with a commercial greyhound racing industry. This is problematic not only for reasons of animal welfare but also because greyhound racing is part of the gambling industry.

Greyhound racing has been banned in many countries and many states of the US and is legal in only eight countries around the world. NSW will be the first state in Australia to ban it.

Last year, Animals Australia documented the extent of taxpayer-funded support for the industry. Breeding incentives, infrastructure and events grants add up to millions of dollars.

Greyhound racing money trail. Source: Animals Australia

Greyhound racing money trail. Source: Animals Australia


A Productivity Commission review estimated the total social cost of problem gambling to be at least $4.7 billion a year. And a 2014 Price Waterhouse Coopers report concluded that the NSW racing industry is a ‘consumptive sector’, and doesn’t ‘generate any significant productivity benefits to the rest of the economy’.

In summary, the greyhound racing industry is a government-supported unproductive industry that involves cruelty to animals and problem gambling harm to individuals and communities. What madness! Surely, other states will have to follow suit to ban this industry Australia-wide.


One thought on “Greyhound racing – No future for cruel, unproductive and socially harmful industry

  1. Diana

    Days on from Baird’s announcement and we have Labor opposing this proposed progress for greyhounds, on the grounds of livelihoods and tradition, and calling on other scum, Shooters and Fishers, to back them up . And today we have more low-life scum in court for live-baiting even though they have lifetime bans on being involved in industry. The extent to which evil will go, to continue its cruel, barbaric activities is infinite. I hope the media and Animal Law lawyers will step and annihilate this ridiculous development in the battle for justice for animals. In Ireland people and politicians against the incredibly cruel practice of hare-coursing are getting the same stupid justification for brutality from Sinn Fein . Not to mention the gambling and tax-payer subsidies involved. Is this a Mafia problem? It certainly sounds like endemic corruption.


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