Make your vote count to #BanLiveExport

Live export – Can you think of a more unethical, foul, government sanctioned industry in Australia? I can’t.

The media have reported for years about the appalling conditions on live export ships and extreme cruelty in the destination countries. It’s usually Animals Australia’s courageous investigators who bring the atrocities to the public’s attention.

A week ago, Animals Australia brought us horrific footage of Australian cattle being bludgeoned to death with sledgehammers.

The government’s response: an investigation.

Yesterday, the ABC reported that a government employed veterinarian had been removed after she documented the conditions on life export ships:

The Federal Government removed a respected veterinarian after she presented evidence of cruelty and appalling conditions on board Australian live export ships, according to documents obtained by the ABC.

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council has admitted they raised concerns about veterinarian Dr Simpson with the Department of Agriculture.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week who said Australia had “very, very strong animal welfare standards. We condemn cruelty to animals – full stop”. How can the Prime Minister condemn animal cruelty yet allow this horrific trade to continue?

Meanwhile, the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union Newcastle & Northern Branch today listed the flights on live export supplier Stanbroke’s private jet enjoyed by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his family:

The uncovered ‘gifts’ from suppliers are evidence of Joyce’s close relationship with Stanbroke and calls into question each and every one of his decisions on live exports.

No wonder the Minister has doubled down on his commitment to live exports after last night’s revelations that industry figures pressured the Department of Agriculture into sacking its own veterinary staff for doing their job and reporting the simple truth about animal cruelty

Also today, Barnaby Joyce announced further funding for the live export industry:

If re-elected, the Coalition would also commit $8.3 million dollars to implement the government and industry-developed Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP) for the live export industry, which has been described as an evolution of the existing Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS).

ESCAS has not worked. So let’s give it a different name and continue to do more of the same? It’s just not good enough.

Not one live export company has faced a single prosecution or suspension under the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System since it was set up.

What sort of a democracy are we where an industry has power over government employees, where a government continues supporting an industry that disregards its own animal welfare standards and that is no longer endorsed by the public?

Australians are going to the ballot box on 2 July. Make your vote count – for the animals, for decency, for democracy.





One thought on “Make your vote count to #BanLiveExport

  1. Diana

    The whole thing of Live Export is so unspeakably cruel it’s hard to even imagine it being started let alone going on for decades. Despite the Royal Commission , despite the many exposes, despite the majority of Australians being opposed to it and all the logic and economics opposed to it, it continues and expands. The power of the companies must be so great, to over-ride all these things. Millions maybe billions of animals have suffered so much pain and fear in their capture, loading, transport, handling and slaughter that it truly is a curse on Australia to have perpetuated the evil. And now to add to the complete insult to tax-payers, Vietnam is receiving millions – is this another bloody ‘Sorry’ by the Coalition??? Such an ugly, corrupt business. The countries receiving these poor doomed animals are among the most primitive in the world; medieval in their treatment of animals, so un-evolved as to still live by ritual and superstition. Yet the ‘supply line’ claims to be on top of any missteps, responding to reports of animal abuse and fixing the problems. The lies are huge and ongoing yet nothing changes except the cover-ups get deeper. Poor investigators having this in their nightmares no doubt, never being able to save enough animals from torture and death. They are truly our great Australians, sacrificing their own safety and well-being to try to stop Australia’s shame, to take us out of the evil, murderous pit of seal bashers, whale killers, bull-fighters, bear hunters… the list goes on and on. Scum of the world.


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