Last thoughts for 2015

Source: Flickr/ Marji Beach

Source: Flickr/ Marji Beach

It’s the time of year for reviews and setting new goals. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. For this blog I did not set specific goals for 2015. But in January 2015 I wrote of my intention

to monitor publicly available sources for information on the development and validation of animal free research methods.

I did write about this topic (here, here, here, here). Other topics included, for example, companies’ animal welfare supply chain policies, the shortcomings and futility of animal research, and ethical consumption.

On average, I posted twice per month. The two most viewed posts during the year were “Vegan now mainstream? – Yes, but elsewhere” and “Has my dinner been tested on animals?

During 2015, I contacted 30 Australian food companies, asking them whether their company conducts or commissions animal research. Nine of these responded, telling me that they do not use animal testing. But I do not know whether any Australian companies do use animals to test their products (some overseas companies still do so).

(The results from my 2014 survey of 117 ASX listed companies in the industry sectors Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Health Care Equipment & Services, and Household & Personal Products are still here.)

Also, I emailed four Australian supermarket chains, asking them questions about their vegetarian and vegan products. The responses did not tell me much.

I hope you found the 2015 ozsheba blog posts interesting and useful. There were a few likes throughout the year, but no comments (why were there no comments?).

So what is ahead for 2016? More of the same. That is, posts of interest to investors and consumers about the treatment of animals in research and the production of food, and related topics. Perhaps readers could send a few comments and let me know which topics are of particular interest.

Source: Flickr/ Chi King

Source: Flickr/ Chi King

In the meantime, I wish you good health, joy and peace in the new year. And I wish us all a more compassionate world for the animals.


2 thoughts on “Last thoughts for 2015

  1. Diana

    Hello Monika – I met you at last year’s Activist meeting in Melbourne. We, Helen M and I had lunch with you. We are having our annual review for the SMSF next week, with the guy who manages it. He is struggling to find companies that we approve of but your site has been a great help thank you. I see Simon Sheik has started the Future Super. Unfortunately his investments include Cochlear, same as Australian Ethical. Best wishes to you .
    Diana Palmer


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