“Creating a new living platform to emulate human biology”


Breathing-lung-on-a-chip. Source: Wyss Institute Library

That’s what a new company in the U.S. promises. On 28 July 2014, Emulate Inc. announced the company’s launch with $12 million financing to commercialise organs-on-chips technology to “accelerate drug development, detect toxicities and advance personalized medicine”.

Over the past five years, the Wyss Center at Harvard University developed more than ten organs-on-chips (I wrote about this in June). The technology has been validated by testing existing drugs and modelling various human diseases on-chip. The chips can also be linked together by flowing liquid containing living human immune cells that simulates blood to mimic whole body physiology.

This technology will soon be available to biotech companies. According to Emulate, using the organs-on-chips will enable scientists to predict the responses of humans to medicines, chemicals and diseases more accurately than through animal testing.

Our vision is we can one day put each patient’s cells on chips that mimic the function of organs, and this will open up new ways for us to design truly personalized treatment with stem cells, based on each patient’s unique genetic profile on their own individualized Organs-on-Chips.”


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