Why Australia needs to catch up on animal research transparency

Source:  Ikayama/Flickr

Source: Ikayama/Flickr

The UK government recently concluded a six-week consultation on discarding a section of its law on animal experimentation in the interest of openness. Australia doesn’t have such restrictive laws but we’re even less transparent when it comes to animal use in research.

Under the current provisions of section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA), the UK Home Office cannot release confidential information – even when the provider has no objection to disclosure.

The government suggests section 24 be discarded while protecting the names of places, people, and intellectual property. Along with this attempt to become more open and transparent, it also wants to reduce the use of animals in scientific procedures.

Read the full article in the Conversation.

In the article, the link to the 2009 survey is broken. I found two other links to this survey, here and here (both are in German). For a summary of the survey findings, check out this earlier post.


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