Update: Companies’ use of animals

I have contacted 50 companies so far. Thirteen responded to my questions.parrot

My questions were:

  • Does your company conduct or commission research that involves animals?
  • If so, to what extent does your company adhere to the 3R’s principle (reduction, refinement and replacement)?
  • Does your company allocate any funding toward the development and validation of non-animal research methods?

Of the 13 companies that responded, five advised that they do not – directly or indirectly – use animals as part of their research. The others pointed to regulatory requirements for animal research. While, to my knowledge there is no regulatory requirement for animal testing in Australia, companies operate in a global environment. For example, the U.S. FDA and the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA)require animal testing for medical products.

The five companies that do not use animals in their research and/or testing of products for the benefit of humans are:

  • Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (API)
  • ImpediMed Limited (IPD)
  • OncoSil Medical Limited (OSL)
  • Resmed Inc (RMD)
  • Virtus Health Limited (VRT)

Two companies noted that they allocate funding/resources toward the development and validation of non-animal research methods:

  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (FPH)
  • Virtus Health Limited (VRT)

Most companies commented that they adhere to the 3Rs.

You can find more detail and a link to an Excel file on the Companies and animal use page.


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