Update: Companies’ use of animals

Monument to lab mouse in Novosibirsk, Russia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/Irina Gelbukh

I have started contacting companies asking about their use of animals, selecting the companies at random from the following GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) Industry Groups: Health Care Equipment & Services, Household & Personal Products, and Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences. I emailed the media contacts I found on the companies’ websites and asked three questions:

Does your company conduct or commission research that involves animals?

If so, to what extent does your company adhere to the 3R’s principle (reduction, refinement and replacement)?

Does your company allocate any funding toward the development and validation of non-animal research methods?

So far, of the 20 companies I have contacted via email or their website, five have responded: Ansell, BioProspect, Fisher & Paykell Healthcare, OncoSil Medical, and Tissue Therapies. All five noted that government regulation requires animal testing for certain products, and companies adhere to these regulations.

OncoSil Medical does not currently undertake or commission animal testing, but such testing has occurred in the past during the product development phase.

The other four companies test on animals or commission testing if this is required by regulation.

Some companies noted that animal testing occurs, but they have adopted the principles of replacement, reduction and refinement to reduce the need for animals wherever possible, that all research is approved by relevant animal ethics committees, and/or that they aim to minimise the use of animal testing and where possible will use alternative methods.

Fisher & Paykell Healthcare reported that they allocate funding toward the development and validation of non-animal research methods.

Two companies commented that they also use alternative methods (mathematical modelling, laboratory bench testing studies, cell based testing).

You can find more detail, such as a list of companies contacted and a link to an Excel file, on the Companies and animal use page.


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