Making a start

IMG_2092Well, I’ve started contacting companies. Yesterday I emailed the media units of five companies, asking three questions:

  • Does your company conduct or commission research that involves animals?
  • If so, to what extent does your company adhere to the 3R’s principle (reduction, refinement and replacement)?
  • Does your company allocate any funding toward the development and validation of non-animal research methods?

A list of all companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), including their ASX code and GICS industry group, can be found on the website of the Australian Stock Exchange. GICS is the acronym for Global Industry Classification Standard.

To start, I will focus on three industry groups:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences (66 companies listed)
  • Health Care Equipment & Services  (62 companies listed)
  • Household & Personal Products (3 companies listed)

The first five are companies that I’ve read about during the last week (nothing systematic in this approach). They are:

Ansell Limited (ANN) is a global provider of health and safety protection solutions, with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. ANN designs, develops, manufactures and markets a range of surgical, examination, industrial and household gloves, protective clothing and condoms.

Blackmores Limited (BKL) is engaged in development, sales and marketing of health products for humans and animals. Its products include vitamins, herbal and mineral nutritional supplements.

Cochlear Limited (COH) is a manufacturer and distributor of cochlear implantable devices for the hearing impaired.

Resmed Inc (RMD) develops medical devices to treat patients with breathing disorders. It focuses primarily on sleep apnea.

Sirtex Medical Limited (SRX) is a biotechnology and medical device group whose primary objective is to manufacture and to distribute effective liver cancer treatments utilising small particle technology. SRX’s key product is SIR-Spheres microspheres, the treatment for liver cancer.

I didn’t expect any replies yet, but Ansell responded to my email on the same day: The company is required by regulatory authorities to conduct certain tests, including tests on animals. These tests are carried out on behalf of Ansell by specialist third party laboratories. Thank you Ansell for your prompt reply, and for being the first company to respond. It gives me hope that I’ll receive a few more responses 🙂

As I continue to contact additional companies asking the three questions, a summary of what I find out can be found on the Companies and animal use page. And BTW, you are welcome to suggest companies for me to contact.


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