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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had always assumed that animal research is necessary and useful to test drugs and find cures for human diseases. That changed in 2011 when I attended a presentation that took a critical look at animal research. Initially, I didn’t believe what I heard. I asked the presenter for the references he based his talk on. I started reading the peer-reviewed medical and pharmaceutical literature and discovered that animal research is controversial. Not all scientists are convinced it is useful or necessary. I’ve kept reading and have come to the conclusion that animal research is unethical, unreliable and unnecessary.

Many people are becoming more concerned with companies’ treatment of animals. The strong opposition to the live animal export trade, consumer demand for better treatment of food animals, and a preference for cruelty-free cosmetics are examples.

As shareholders, we can influence companies to comply with our values about animal welfare. But often we do not know whether a company uses animals for the benefit of humans. Much less do we know how they treat these animals, because this information is usually not available in annual reports and other company statements.

With this blog, I want to find out and share information about:

  • companies that use animals for the benefit of humans, whether in the laboratory, as consumer products (meat, eggs, dairy etc.) or in other ways
  • how these companies treat animals
  • whether animal use by these companies is necessary, and whether alternatives are available or are being sought and developed
  • emerging trends in industries that use animals.

I will start with ASX listed biotech and other companies engaged in the development of health products. Before I look at specific companies, I will write a post or two about the evidence that has led me to realise that using animals to research human diseases is fraught with problems.

I have a PhD in public health and am curious about the links between the treatment of non-human animals, our health and wellbeing and that of the planet. I believe it is morally wrong to kill or make animals suffer unnecessarily.

Occasionally, I might post something on a subject that interests me but does not fit neatly into any of the listed topics. I am not a financial adviser and will not make investment recommendations.


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